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Welcome to my little space on the interwebs! 

The Basics
  • Name: Tara, pronounced either Tah-rah or Thah-rah, but not Tera. Never Tera.
  • Age: 16 
  • Where I'm from: Ethnically Indian, but born and brought up in Tauranga, New Zealand (Kiwi's, represent!) 
  • Where I live: Dubai, United Arab Emirates during the holidays. Cambridge, United Kingdom during term time.
  • Favourite colour: purple
What is Unlocking Pandora's Box?

Unlocking Pandora's Box is this here blog that I started back in April, 2013 to write about socially relevant issues, as part of my school's CAS programme. Since then, and after about two years of hiatus, during which I completed the IBDP, it's evolved into a more diverse space, where I write about pretty much everything that I'm interested in. From books, to food, to fashion, this is where I tell you about what I like, why I like it, and why you should probably like it too.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What college in Cambridge do you go to? What do you study? I'm not comfortable answering these questions unless I know you well. Sorry! 
  • What countries have you visited? Australia, NZ, India, UAE, UK, USA, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar
  • (I can't think of any more, but if you've got questions, I'll answer them!) 

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